Day 2 – highlights

It’s been another long day on the road to Illinois.  Long but good.   It’s late, we’re all tired, and the internet is a bit sketchy at this Microtel, so I’ll stick to a few highlights and memorable moments:

  • Thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with Tiffany, who we hadn’t seen in 7 years or so (this will be a constant theme this trip).   She and Josh, her husband of 3 months, welcomed us into their roomy apartment like it was no big deal, even though they already had 2 boys staying with them, which Tiffany had just driven to St Louis and back to pick up that very day.  The kids played together all morning, and it was sad to have to split them up, closer to 4 than the 2:00 I thought might be our departure time.
  • Jessica, Helena and Evangeline had the opportunity to meet Karen and her kids in person this morning.  Jessica and Karen met thanks to the online HG community that Jessica has been a part of that supports women who suffer through the kind of very difficult pregnancies we have, and when Karen heard that we’d be going through Dallas, she really hoped to be able to meet face to face.  Her family has been through a lot with jobs and relocation (and pregnancies).  The grown-ups had a great time and the kids really hit is off!
  • Singing kids tunes and an old hymn or two at the top of our lungs to distract the little ones: Old MacDonald (you should try putting a donkey on his farm), Holy holy holy, Head & Shoulders Knees & Toes, and an original from Becky (yes, another old friend of ours) called “Fried ham,” to mention a few.  Definitely a highlight.
  • Saw the deer in time to slow down and avoid it tonight.   Also definitely a highlight.  Thank you God for your protection.  Lavinia asks “what kind of deer?”  A bit rattled by the encounter and confused by the question, I say “doe, a deer, a female  deer?”  and then I had to explain that I wasn’t kidding.  : )
  • Got to pay $2 for 3 miles on a turnpike.  I had to explain to Jessica, who was looking for something in the car when we went through the toll-booth, that I wasn’t kidding.  Then when we exited the highway, we were refunded 75 cents.  Really not sure what to make of all that, but it was memorable.
  • Laughed to myself thinking that Jessica, my girl from Florida, gets to stay in Miami tonight.  Miami, Oklahoma!
  • Checking into the Microtel tonight: “how many adults?” “two” “any children?”  “yes”  ah the surprised reaction when I said 5 in response to her asking how many!  Followed by her excusing herself to speak to a manager, who clearly didn’t want to make any kind of decision about this large family wanting a room with 2 queen-size beds!  He shrugged his shoulders, we got the room, and now everyone is asleep but me.  The sleeping arrangements, for the curious: Helena and Ophélia in one bed, Jessica, Cosette and me in the other, Lavinia on this cushion-covered window bench thing, and Evangeline on a 3-pillow nest under the desk.  No complaints from anyone.  What a cute family we have!

I will now go to bed and finish this tomorrow.  Who knew highlights could be so wordy?

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