Prayer needs

Desiring to faithfully follow wherever God leads has its challenges regardless of who you are.  Below are a few things for which you can be in prayer for the Martin-Weber family.  Feel free to post prayer requests of your own in the comments or email us with them if you’d like to keep them more private.  Please pray:

– for a car that can accommodate our beautiful family.  Our current minivan seats 7, and we are now 8!  We have been provided with a loaner car for a portion of the summer, a real God-send, but we will need something after that as well!

– that we would get back on the ball with fundraising, and that the prayer and financial needs we have will be met soon so we can move to France at the end of the summer.

– for the myriad things that we need to get done between now and then on top of regular everyday living.

ITeams continues to be a great fit for us, and we praise God for the new opportunities and vision that God is challenging us with via Scott Olson, the director/CEO of ITeams.  Prayers are needed here too.  More to come soon on that!

We praise God for the littlest Martin-Weber: Arden Credence was born April 19th, 2012.  She is already vocally asserting herself in the family, and she couldn’t be more loved by everyone!

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